What is an electrical mini substation?

The distribution automation system uses electrical mini substations to distribute electricity throughout a city. A electrical mini substation are an imitation of bigger grid stations that assist in the distribution of electricity.

These substations are installed according to a proper plan and the distribution automation system uses these stations to equally transfer electricity through tension wires. These substations are basically used for the purpose of connecting generators, distribution of transmission lines controlling voltage and connecting an alternate source of power in case of a black out.

These mini substations handle all the heavy work and make it easier to distribute electric power throughout a place with a problem. An electrical mini substation has all the important tools like switches, breakers, shunt reactors, generators and transformer which incorporates the distribution automation system for transmitting power.

Sometimes these stations can be damaged because of mismanagement of the distribution automation system. The grids can trip and supply of electric power can be cut off to various places resulting in a black out. So it is important to handle such work with precision which can only be done by professionals. Proper handling will make it possible to for even distribution of power and overcome hinderences.